Working Arma3, DayZ, EFT

Perfect for Escape From Tarkov

Detailed description of how L-Switch works: This tool allows you to quickly switch positions and outplay enemies with ease once you get the hang of using it. You can set a custom hotkey to “lag” your game up to 3 seconds (3000ms), during this period the enemy will not see your movement. Beware: Once you hit the lag switch hotkey, your character is vulnerable in the initial position of the lag, so only hit it in cover or being prone against experienced opponents. When you hear the end sound (beep), the enemies will see you “teleport” or “run really fast” to your new/actual location.
Due to the recent BSG update to counter network tools, the damage output during the lag switch is not registered by EFT servers – only your physical position changes are. Essentially you will not be able to kill/deal damage to pmcs or scavs during the disconnect.