set up / requirements :

  • Windows 10
  • VC runtimes installed
  • Windows defender disabled
  • No 3th party anti virus installed

Memory Aimbot: Automatically aims at opponents by manipulating game memory.
Silent Aimbot: A less obvious aimbot that doesn’t visibly snap the player’s crosshair onto targets.
Aimbot Settings:
Aimbot FOV: Specifies the targeting range.
Aimbot Smooth: Adjusts the aimbot’s movement speed for a more natural look.
Triggerbot: Automatically shoots when the crosshair is on an opponent.
Key Settings: Aimbot Key: Assigns a specific key to activate the aimbot. T
riggerbot Key: Assigns a specific key to activate the triggerbot.

Box ESP:
Draws a box around opponents.
Skeleton ESP: Displays opponents‘ skeletal structure.
Snapline ESP: Displays a line to the player.
Name ESP: Shows opponents‘ names.
Weapon ESP: Displays opponents‘ carried weapons.
Glow ESP: Adds a glowing effect to opponents.

Player Fly Hack: Enables flying for the player.
Vehicle Fly Hack: Enables flying for vehicles.
Fly Hack Speed: Adjusts flying speed.
Double Pump: Allows firing two shots in rapid succession.
No Recoil: Eliminates or reduces weapon recoil.
Aim while jumping: Allows aiming during jumps.
Spoof weapon: Manipulates the carried weapon.