โœ…Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC): Undetected
โœ…Windows 8/8.1/10/11 (ALL builds)
โœ…Intel processors
โœ…AMD processors

If the player glow is enough of „ESP“ for you but you need that aimbot, this is your choice.

โ–ธ Glow with visibility check, you can select the color
โ–ธโ–ธโ–ธ Friend color
โ–ธโ–ธโ–ธ Enemy knocked color
โ–ธโ–ธโ–ธ Enemy color + visible
โ–ธโ–ธโ–ธ Enemy color + in-visible
โ–ธโ–ธโ–ธ Enemy low hp + visible
โ–ธโ–ธโ–ธ Enemy low hp + in-visible
โ–ธ External Menu

Functions only available in LITE and FULL
โ–ธ Aimbot, you can choose if you want to run it or not and select an aimkey for it.
โ–ธ Randomized aim movement (no straight line aiming like 100% of all other aimbots do)
โ–ธ Smoothing, to make your aim look more human
โ–ธ Aimdelay, to slow down the aimsteps and again look more human
โ–ธ Triggerbot (auto shoot if target is in crosshair), you can choose the trigger key
โ–ธ No recoil, you can choose the amount of recoil reduction
โ–ธ Visibility check
โ–ธ Ignore downed
โ–ธ Aim prediction
โ–ธ Bone selection
โ–ธ Lock target (or not)
โ–ธ Controller support
โ–ธ Optional second aim key