✅Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC): Undetected
✅Windows 8/8.1/10/11 (ALL builds)
✅Intel processors
✅AMD processors

If the player glow is enough of „ESP“ for you but you need that aimbot, this is your choice.

▸ Glow with visibility check, you can select the color
▸▸▸ Friend color
▸▸▸ Enemy knocked color
▸▸▸ Enemy color + visible
▸▸▸ Enemy color + in-visible
▸▸▸ Enemy low hp + visible
▸▸▸ Enemy low hp + in-visible
▸ External Menu

Functions only available in LITE and FULL
▸ Aimbot, you can choose if you want to run it or not and select an aimkey for it.
▸ Randomized aim movement (no straight line aiming like 100% of all other aimbots do)
▸ Smoothing, to make your aim look more human
▸ Aimdelay, to slow down the aimsteps and again look more human
▸ Triggerbot (auto shoot if target is in crosshair), you can choose the trigger key
▸ No recoil, you can choose the amount of recoil reduction
▸ Visibility check
▸ Ignore downed
▸ Aim prediction
▸ Bone selection
▸ Lock target (or not)
▸ Controller support
▸ Optional second aim key