💎TM BF 2042 ZAP PRO💎

Works on all hardware
Works on all resolutions
Works on all Windows 10 & 11

-Works for foot Soldier
-Works in Vehicles (Ground & Air + Turrets)
-Works in Lis TV Missile(G-84 TGM)
-Custom aimkey
-Visibility Check
-Custom Fov (Dynamic Fov -> Changes when scoping)
-Aimtype: Mouse/Memory/Silent
-Bone selection(Multiple bones selectable -> Intelligent selection)
-Prediction(Bullet drop/Player movement)
-Vehicle Priority(No vehicle/Vehicle only/Passenger + Vehicle/Passenger only)
-Stick to target
-Switch target on death
-Maximum Targeting Distance
-Jet Speed Control Toggle
-Jet Speed Control Key
-Air Vehicle Pitch/Yaw/Roll Speed (Speed for all axis)

-Box ( 2D | 3D | Cornerd 2D )
-Filled Box   
-Outlined Box   
-Dynamic Box
-Outlined Skeleton  
-Equipped Weapon Name
-Show prediction
-Visibility Check
-Maximum Draw Distance

Vehicle ESP
-Box (3D)

Anti-Vehicle Soldier Highlight (Highlights Players with Anti-Vehicle Vehicle Weapon Equipped)
-Highlight Box Color
-Highlight Weapon Name
-Draw Directional Indicator
-Highlight Invisible Soldier

-Radar Size
-Distance to draw
-Draw Vehicle
-Draw On Edge (If player is outside of radar)  
-Draw Cross
-Draw Fov  
-Draw Background  
-Draw Border  

Custom Colors for:
-Anti-Vehicle Highlight Color
-Box In/Visisble
-Box Fill
-Skeleton In/Visisble
-Player Radar In/Visisble
-Vehicle Radar
-Radar Background
-Radar Cross
-Radar Border


-Toggle Text Outline
-Recoil control (Standalone)
-No Spread (Standalone)
-Unlock Vehicle View (Any restriction of view removed)
-Shoot through RiotShield (When locked to a enemy holding a shield it will penetrate the shield)